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Extend your e-commerce site’s functionality with the right apps and software
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Customize your site’s functionality

All online stores start with the same foundation. At their core, they’re designed to list products for sale, allow customers to place orders, and enable admins to fulfill and ship those orders. However, in most cases, sellers need more than the “out-of-the-box” features to run their business effectively and efficiently. Integrations allow complete customization over the functionality of an e-commerce store and streamline the processes that must take place at every point of the customer’s journey.

  • Automate manual processes
  • Offer a customized experience
  • Synchronize your systems
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Extend Your Site’s Functionality

Out of the box, your e-commerce site may not accomplish everything you need. That’s where apps and integrations come in! By integrating the right tools with your site, we can easily expand your site’s capabilities.

Connect to Integral Software

As every online store grows, its needs grow too. That’s why it’s important to connect your site to software that simplifies your processes and synchronizes your data across multiple systems. Things like third-party fulfillment software, accounting systems, customer relationship managers, and more are excellent integrations to consider.

Improve Buyer Experience

Extending an e-commerce site’s functionality with the right integrations can also benefit the customer by improving their user experience, simplifying their shopping experience, offering them additional payment options, and so much more. There’s an app or integration to accomplish just about anything a seller can think of.

Why It's Important

Streamline customers' experience quickly and easily

Find the Right Fit

Top E-commerce Apps & Integrations

Integrations are available to handle every major area of an e-commerce business, including:

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Our Approach

When integrating apps and software with your e-commerce store, it’s important to define the goals you hope to achieve and identify tools to meet those goals.

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We’ll work with you to understand where your business is lacking or needs improvement that might be solved by extending your website.

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Once we’ve identified your needs, we’ll find the right apps and integrations to solve the pain points you’re experiencing.

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Quality assurance is important to ensure that any third-party app or integration works well on your site without conflicts or issues.

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After the integration has been thoroughly tested, we’ll push the new functionality live on your site and provide you with any necessary training.

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