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As an ecommerce business owner, you know how important a product description is. 85% of customers agree that images and product descriptions drive their purchasing decisions, so they’re essential if you want to make sales.

But you don’t have time to write a unique description for all of your products. Maybe you have hundreds of them to get through, so you’re looking for a quick fix: artificial intelligence (AI) content creation. This tool’s popularity has been blowing up, which is understandable. There’s a whole list of pros to using a product description generator: content is written for you, it takes seconds to generate, and it’s cost effective, just to name a few.

While there are plenty of benefits of using an AI tool like this, there are also plenty of cons as well. We will dive into why you shouldn’t use a product description generator for your ecommerce website below.

What is a Product Description Generator?

A content generator uses AI to write any type of written copy you see online, like blog posts, social media posts, articles, and product descriptions. To use this tool, a person would need to type in keywords, phrases, questions, and prompts into the chat bar to generate what they’re looking for.

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How It Works

When a user enters the text into the product description generator, AI searches the entire internet for information. The tool pieces the information together to fit the requested format. All AI tools work differently, and some may rewrite an existing article and add content from research.

What are the Cons of AI Generated Content?

We briefly mentioned some of the pros of using a product description generator, but there are far more serious disadvantages you should consider before using a tool like this.

There’s concern for quality and plagiarism.

AI tools don’t just pull information from thin air. The algorithm that runs them searches through thousands of articles that are already written to create content for queries and just rewords them. This is a concern because search engines may flag content written by a product description generator due to it being too similar to other content that’s already published.

The content could affect SEO rankings.

With the rise in popularity of AI , Google released an article sharing their guidance on using this technology. They said that using these types of tools to generate content with the intent to manipulate search result rankings is a violation of their spam policies. The article does go on to say that AI can be used as a tool to create content that meets their standards, but that probably wouldn’t happen without a human editor. Search engines also penalize websites with duplicate content, which your site could be flagged for since many companies are using product description generators.

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It lacks personality and a human touch.

Humans are innately creative; everyone has their own flair when it comes to writing, and that’s just not something any generator or AI software can recreate. You want customers to remember your brand’s unique voice and tone, and any program won’t be able to recreate it. While they can provide facts, they can’t appeal to human emotions, which is one of the top reasons why people make purchases.

The content still needs to be edited.

If you do decide to use a product description generator, you will still need to edit the content. It may have added too many keywords (known as keyword stuffing), or there could be false or incorrect information. A generator also won’t know the details of the products like you do, so it could leave out important features that set your items apart from competitors.

How You Should Use AI Content Creation

If you are still determined to use a product description generator, we have some tips on how you should use it.

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Use it as a starting point. While writing unique content is better for SEO, you can use AI generated content as a starting point. The descriptions will need to be edited and improved upon.

Generators help with writers’ block. Sometimes even the best writers get stuck and don’t know what to say. A generator could help get the creative juices flowing again.

Find keywords for products. Most generators do try to use keywords that help with SEO, so it could be beneficial if you don’t have access to keyword tools.

While using AI software and generator tools seem enticing to help you save time and money, they aren’t always the best option for your business. As a hard working business owner, you may not have the time to dedicate to writing product descriptions, even with the help of a product content generator. Since you know how important every detail of your website is, you want the experts to create unique product descriptions just for your products. Our SEO content specialists can craft exactly what you need, freeing you up to keep things running smoothly with the rest of your business. Schedule a call to find out more about SEO content services we offer!

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