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You may have heard you should have a blog on your e-commerce website. Then, you may have asked yourself, “Should I start a blog? What is a blog used for?” It may not seem obvious, but having a blog on your e-commerce website is useful for a variety of reasons. From adding useful content to...
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If you run an e-commerce business, you have probably heard of content marketing. You may not necessarily know what it means or what goes into a content marketing strategy, though. To help you decide what kind of content marketing is right for you, it’s important we define what content is, what content marketing is, and...
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The most important indicator of your e-commerce website’s performance is sales, right? Not exactly. As a business owner, it may seem like sales are king, and to an extent, you aren’t wrong. However, measuring e-commerce performance goes so far beyond your sales numbers, because every aspect of your business affects your overall performance. Tracking and...
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