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Keywords are the backbone to getting your website to rank on search engines. If you don’t target the best ones for your business, customers won’t find you, and you won’t make as many sales as you potentially could. But how exactly do you know which search queries to use on your website? We’re going to...
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person writing in a note book at a coffee shop
You may have heard you should have a blog on your e-commerce website. Then, you may have asked yourself, “Should I start a blog? What is a blog used for?” It may not seem obvious, but having a blog on your e-commerce website is useful for a variety of reasons. From adding useful content to...
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woman writing in a notepad in front of her laptop
Some people think blog writing is as simple as coming up with a topic and reaching your word count. There’s actually a lot more to writing a blog. A successful blog post for e-commerce should have several key elements. We’re going to break those down for you, and provide you with the steps you can...
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seo thought bubble written on paper next to cup of coffee
So you’ve heard having a blog on your e-commerce website can help you reach more people and turn them into potential customers. But where do you start? You may think you can just set up a blog on your website and start writing to draw people in. In reality though, there is a lot of...
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digital marketing team looking at a presentation on a computer
You may be thinking, “Does blogging help with SEO?” The short answer is yes! There are several factors that help your SEO ranking that come from having a blog on your website. However, just having a blog won’t raise your rankings. There are strategies that go into writing blog posts that will help your SEO...
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people pointing at laptop screen
If you run an e-commerce business, you have probably heard of content marketing. You may not necessarily know what it means or what goes into a content marketing strategy, though. To help you decide what kind of content marketing is right for you, it’s important we define what content is, what content marketing is, and...
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