To-Tie Dye for Clothing Boutique

Project Brief

After being laid off during the 2020 pandemic, owner and founder of To Tie-Dye for Clothing, Marion, turned her love of tie-dye into a business venture. In an incredibly short time, she built a social media following, began displaying her products at local craft fairs, and even tried her hand at building her own Shopify store. 

As the business grew, however, she decided it was time to partner with experts to continue her company’s growth and improve her online presence. Daybreak Commerce has worked with To Tie-Dye for Clothing to coach and consult on business development, optimize the existing website for improved user experience, and implement SEO best practices.

Services Provided
Premium Theme Configuration
Search Engine Optimization
Product Content Writing
Marketing Integrations
Strategy & Consulting


  • Audit and optimize for search engine performance
  • Implement custom product options app to manage product customizations
  • Optimize user experience through improved site design and architecture
to tie-dye for clothing homepage
to tie-dye for clothing product page

Highly Customizable Products

Because most To Tie-Dye for Clothing products are made to order, it was important to us to give customers the ability to choose their customizations before placing an order. By extending the basic product page layout, we are able to capture unique selections for each product and allow customers to order each product to their exact preferences.

Conversion Copywriting

After performing an SEO audit on the existing To Tie-Dye for Clothing website, we identified a variety of opportunities for improvements. While some of these improvements took the form of technical, back-end upgrades, many came in the form of opportunities to improve the site’s written content. Through conversion-focused page copy, product content, and the implementation of a blog, we have seen significant increases in traffic and conversion rate.

to tie-dye for clothing product page for adult band logo bleach dye shirt