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  • woman in an orange long sleeve shirt standing in front of a blue background comparing wix vs shopify for ecommerce

    Wix vs Shopify for Ecommerce: Should I Migrate My Website?

    Perhaps you’ve been thinking about opening an online store for awhile. But you’re just not sure which platform would be best. Or maybe you’ve had an ecommerce store with Wix, but you’re wondering if it’s time to migrate to Shopify. Either way, we’re here to compare Wix vs Shopify for...
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  • marketing experts discussing client work

    Why E-commerce Businesses Fail (And How to Avoid Their Mistakes)

    Starting an e-commerce business (or taking your brick-and-mortar business online) is an exciting venture! It doesn’t come without worries, though, and one of the top ones is probably failing as a small business. According to the Chamber of Commerce, about 21.9% of small businesses fail in the first year. To...
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  • shopify logo on a laptop

    10 of the Highest Converting Shopify Themes That Will Boost Sales

    When you’re starting a Shopify store, one of the first things you have to do is choose a Theme. A Theme is a template a store owner uses to display their products, and it dictates the style, features, and organization of products. While style is an important factor, it shouldn’t...
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  • phone screen with gmail logo displayed

    How to Recover Sales with Abandoned Cart Emails

    Shopping cart abandonment is a common problem experienced by every e-commerce site in existence. Millions of dollars of potential revenue are lost every year because customers don’t complete their purchases. However, with the right tools and strategies in place, you can make a difference for your business and recover sales...
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  • person writing in a note book at a coffee shop

    Why Should I Start a Blog On My E-Commerce Website?

    You may have heard you should have a blog on your e-commerce website. Then, you may have asked yourself, “Should I start a blog? What is a blog used for?” It may not seem obvious, but having a blog on your e-commerce website is useful for a variety of reasons....
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clothing store owner advertising her small business

15 Ways You Should Be Advertising Your Small Business

In order to thrive, every small business needs customers. But customers won’t know your business exists if you don’t put it out there....
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team of people working on creating the perfect brand name for their business

From Vision to Reality: How to Bring the Perfect Brand Name to Life

As e-commerce and marketing become ever more advanced, brands’ names become the first point of interaction between potential customers and your products or...
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laptop and tablet open to website preparing for migration

What is Website Migration? (and Why You Might Need It)

As your business grows and evolves, it may be necessary for your website to change too. You might need scalability for your growth,...
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a phone open to google search for analytics

Content SEO vs Technical SEO: Everything You Need to Know

You’ve heard of SEO. You know it has to do with how you rank in search engines, but you’re looking for more information...
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shopify logo on a laptop

10 of the Highest Converting Shopify Themes That Will Boost Sales

When you’re starting a Shopify store, one of the first things you have to do is choose a Theme. A Theme is a...
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website maintenance and designers looking at code

6 Things to Consider When Hiring a Shopify Developer

Maybe you’ve had your ecommerce business for a while and you have things you want to change. Perhaps you want to change platforms...
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woman shopping on a jewelry ecommerce website that just released a product drop

The Keys to Implementing a Successful Product Drop

Product drops can be a successful part of any company’s marketing strategy. While some industries like fashion and footwear are impacted more than...
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seo thought bubble written on paper next to cup of coffee

A Beginner’s Guide to Understanding SEO for Ecommerce

So you’ve started an ecommerce business and are excited to start selling! You’ve made social media accounts, shared by word of mouth, and...
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web designer creating a mockup of a website on paper

What is UX Strategy and Why It’s Important

If you’ve spent any time in the world of marketing, you may have seen the abbreviation UX floating around. But what does it...
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