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As an e-commerce business, your product pages are the most important across your entire website. If they aren’t easy to navigate or strategically crafted, you may be missing out on sales. While there’s no one set way to create a product page, there are best practices that can boost your revenue and turn browsers into buyers, and we’re sharing them with you!

High Quality Product Photos

Humans are super visual creatures. One of the first things our eyes are drawn to are photos, and that’s why it’s imperative for your products to have high quality photos. Since you’re selling online and your customers can’t pick up products and really look at them, photographs are essential. In fact, 92% of online consumers say that visuals are the most important factor that affects their purchasing decision.

woman shopping on a jewelry ecommerce website that just released a product drop

To truly represent your product, you’ll want to include multiple images from various angles. This gives users an idea of what your product truly looks like and what they can expect if they purchase it. People also want to image themselves using your product, so incorporating lifestyle photos is something you should do.

Effective Product Description

You may think that since images are the most influential factor for users deciding to purchase something, the words on your product page don’t matter. That’s actually not true.

Your product descriptions should provide users with answers to their questions. If you’re selling clothing, include what the item is made of. If you’re selling furniture, include the width and height.

Most people scan text for important information, so making the descriptions easy to read is important. You also want to convey this information easily for everyone, so include paragraphs and bullet points to make content easy to scan.

Clear Call to Action

If potential customers don’t know what to do when they land on a product page, they won’t take the action you want them to. That’s why you should clearly lay out calls to action on these pages. Most of the time, these CTAs will be buttons that say “Buy Now” or “Add to Cart.”

person buying shoes online from their laptop

To make them easy to spot, CTAs should be in a prominent spot on the page. You should also ensure they stand out from other content on the page.

Essential SEO Optimization

Another aspect that helps your products sell is SEO (search engine optimization). For product pages specifically, that means incorporating targeted keywords throughout content. The page should load quickly, and it should also be designed with accessibility in mind. You’ll also want to make sure all your product images have alt text. If you have similar products, you do not want to duplicate product descriptions or other content; each product should have unique content.

Intuitive Page Layout

People want things to be as easy as possible. You should design your product pages to be simple to navigate for this reason. If the layout is funky, then these potential customers probably won’t purchase anything. For product pages specifically, you’ll see the images next to the description and the CTA button close by. Under this top section, you can include other important information customers may find useful.

web designer creating a mockup of a website on paper

Reviews for Social Proof

Social proof is where people are influenced in their decision making abilities by other people. It’s a helpful psychological concept when it comes to marketing your business. If other people back your product, then other potential customers will buy into it as well. That’s why you want to include customer reviews on product pages (and possibly other pages on your website). Sometimes the last nudge someone needs is a positive review of your product to help them make a final decision to buy.

Showcase Related Products

As you’re designing product pages, you should consider showing related or recommended products. It encourages buyers to see what else you offer, and it allows you to anticipate their possible needs. You can even find options to promote bundling of certain products, which could influence customers to purchase more than one item.

Crafting the ideal product page that sells isn’t complicated. With a solid foundation, you can ensure customers have what they need in order to buy from your e-commerce website. Need help giving your product pages the attention they deserve? Contact our e-commerce website designers to discuss your needs!

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