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It’s difficult to believe that a whole year has passed since I opened the metaphorical doors on my remote e-commerce marketing agency. After years of in-house marketing for other companies and freelancing on the side to gain extra experience, I always intended the next step to be launching an agency. But I never thought it would happen as quickly as it did. 

Let’s go back to October 2021. I’d spent months planning, considering, worrying, reconsidering, and making pro/con lists trying to decide whether it was truly the right time for me to transition both myself and my clients into agency life. As a planner by nature, and sometimes even to a fault, I found myself nearly paralyzed by the possibility that I might be jumping the gun and setting myself up for failure. But in the back of my mind, I knew without a doubt that I had outgrown my current setup and that it was time for a change. So I jumped in head first. And I haven’t looked back since.

The past year of business has been a whirlwind of paperwork filing, building and refining processes, training and professional development, and of course, working hard for our clients. Through the year, we’ve experienced peaks and valleys, but the good has outweighed the bad every single time.

By the numbers, here are just a few of our greatest successes in the first year of business:

  • Within three months of launch, we grew from a solopreneur operation to a world-class team of four.
  • Helped our clients earn over $1.5 million in combined revenue (with online sales increasing 337% over the previous year on average)
  • Increased traffic to our clients’ online stores by 244% on average

More important than the numbers though, we’ve had the opportunity to provide truly life-changing support to our wonderful clients. Our incredible team has allowed business owners to refocus on the areas of business they’re most passionate about. We’ve allowed new parents to take time with their children without concerns about how their online store is being managed. We’ve advised new entrepreneurs and seasoned business owners alike, offering the best of our expertise to simplify their processes and grow their brands. The list goes on, but suffice it to say, we’re honored and blessed with these opportunities.

I am grateful beyond belief for all of those who have supported and encouraged us along the way, for my team who has believed in my vision and helped me bring it to life, and most of all, to our clients who have trusted in our expertise and allowed our business to grow alongside yours.

The last year has been an incredible ride, and I couldn’t be more excited to see where the next year takes us.

Yours truly,

Jessica Sarten
Owner, Daybreak Commerce

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